I specialize in helping people change what's not working and in healing what hurts, in order to haver a more fulfilling and satisfying life. My practice is especially oriented towards helping you achieve happiness in the following areas:


As you navigate through life, you are faced with challenges that can keep you from reaching your full potential in relationships, career and homelife. Together we will transform these roadblocks into opportunities for change!


At its most basic, the goal of a relationship is to have a partner with whom the positives greatly outweigh the negatives. We are all beautifully complex creatures, programmed with our own ideas of what should be. This allows lots of room for conflict. We will work to discover a new relationship, or transform an existing relationshipinto a fulfilling one which fosters your mutual and individual growth.


We all experience joys and disappointments, but modern life presents many challenges. If you are feeling depressed or anxious, this becomes a barrier between being able to handle it and feeling like you just want to give up. We will explore what causes these feelings and identify ways to experience happiness and comfort again.


I believe one of the strongest elements in dealing with ANYTHING is the belief that you are powerful enough to succeed. Sometimes it seems like we are wired to focus on what is negative or painful in our lives. Perhaps it is evolutionary as problematic situations require more attention. However, the goal is to focus on what you can do well and to fix what you cannot. It would be my privilege to help you discover how wonderful you truly are.


Women face a unique set of circumstances often dictated by tradition, media and physiology. We feel like we need to do it all - family, career, relationships - and all with a big smile. Some women even believe that if they can't do it all loooking like a 20 year old supermodel, they have somehow failed. This belief leads to feelings of emptiness and at times you might try to fill the void with unhealthy behaviors. I feel confident in syaing there is no such thing as perfection. But I will work with you to expand on your strengths, improve your confidence, and find your own personal Super-Lady cape that will empower you to do your best.


If you are upset by family relationships, no matter how longstanding, there are ways to change it. By understanding family dynamics, their origin, the purpose they serve, etc, you can work towards improving those connections.

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