Choosing A Therapist

Therapy is much, much richer experience than just problem-solving. The foundation of good therapy is the relationship you and the therapist build together. Because this relationship is going to be so crucial to the effectiveness of your therapy, it is essential you find someone with whom you feel a comfortable connection, someone who makes you feel understood and accepted, a therapist who creates and maintains an environment within which you can feel safe to explore even the most deeply felt sources of pain or conflict.

As rewarding as working with a therapist can be, choosing one is a daunting task. The therapist you choose should be warm and accepting of you as well as inspiring and persistent. The most important element of this journey towards success is the rapport between you and your therapist.

The best way to choose the right person is to trust your judgment which is why I encourage you to contact me by phone for a 15 minute complementary session to see if you feel comfortable and determine if you think we are a good fit.

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