Benefits Of Therapy

Psychotherapy can be very helpful to an individual embarking on the process of change or growth. many individuals want to know what therapy will be like, so here are some of my bleiefs about therapy, my role, and the therapeutic process.

Change is difficult, but I believe it can be easier in the context of a support relationship than if handled alone. It takes courage for an individual to acknowledge they want something better or different in their life, and to admit they want help in this pursuit. I admire the hard work done by my clients and am inspired by their growth and progress. A willingness to engage in a relationship with the potential for healing and understanding can be a life altering experience.

Being heard by an objective, compassionate listener can be very powerful. The difference between therapy and a conversation with a friend is that I have no bias, and no judgment of you. My goal is to empower you to build awareness and make good choices based on your values.

A strong therapeutic relationship is crucial to success in treatment. Therapy is a challenging process in which honesty and vulnerability are natural components. Therefore choosing a therapist you feel comfortable with is essential. sometimes you may feel an immediate click, other times it may take a few sessions to see if you feel supported and understood. I encourage you to let me know what you need from me.

At the center of the therapy process is the understanding that Awareness can lead to change. In the journey of exploration we are bound to identify perceptions, beliefs and patterns that were previously unrealized. Once negative thought or behavior patterns are identified, the process of change begins.

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